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Therapeutic Medical Massage ~ $80/60 min. $110/90min.

This treatment is ideal for chronic or acute stiffness and soreness in the muscle tissue, tendons, or joints; targeting specific areas using moderate to deep pressure to release trigger points.

CBD Infused Oil Massage ~

$95/60min. $125/90min.

Enjoy the added benefits of CBD Infused Oil with a therapeutic massage. Results from recent studies suggest that CBD may provide a safe, powerful natural treatment for:

Muscle & Joint Pain, Backaches, Arthritis & Sprains/Strains 

Reflexology ~ $75/60 min.

Based upon the Eastern Philosophy that each of the body’s major organs and key areas can be treated through corresponding reflex points in the feet; this treatment relaxes and revitalizes the entire body and is also used in Eastern Cultures to aid in the treatment of other systemic problems.

Pregnancy Massage ~ $80/60min

A gentle massage providing relaxation for the mother to be and baby; relieving stress on weight bearing joints as well as reducing neck/lower back discomfort and edema.

Bamboo Fusion ® ~ $80/60min. $110/90min

Is a relaxing massage that combines massage and the soothing benefits of warm bamboo. The bamboo sticks are heated with an electric pad and used to literally roll and knead away the aches and pains of everyday stress.

Shiatsu ~ $85/60min $115/90

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that uses finger pressure to help redirect your body's chi. It relaxes your muscles and helps you achieve a balanced energy flow.**Please wear loose comfortable clothes, preferably cotton**    

Cupping Massage ~ $80/60 min.

Cupping is a modified version of the common Asian practice of cupping therapy. Massage cupping is used to hasten the release of rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluids and toxins, stimulate blood flow, and sedate the nervous system. Often combined with other therapies, this modality can have a subtle yet profound effect upon the body. 

Hot Stone Massage ~ $85/60min. $120/90 min.

A unique experience blending traditional massage techniques with oil and the deep penetrating heat of volcanic stones; leaving the body feeling relaxed and balanced.

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